Film still of the film Talk 6: The Urgency of Constraint, directed by Visions du Réel 2021

Talk 6: The Urgency of Constraint


A series of talks to further investigate the needs to tell a story, the personal points of view and approaches to do so through the contemporary scene of medium length and short film creation.
Friday, 23 April, 17:45
The act of filming is an exercise of freedom. What happens when it encounters a political or social order maintained by force? How do filmmakers confront constraints that might impede the development of their cinematic language? 

With directors:

Yeon Park, for Homegoing

Andrea Schramm, for 27 Steps

Fabrice Aragno, for Parenthèse

Agustina Wetzel, for Outside the Coverage Area

Nikita Yefimov, for Strict Regime

Weijia Ma, My Quarantine Bear


Forum 2021

Talk The urgency of constraint