Film still of the film Talk 4: The Filmmaker(s) and Their Model(s), directed by Visions du Réel 2021

Talk 4: The Filmmaker(s) and Their Model(s)


A series of talks to further investigate the needs to tell a story, the personal points of view and approaches to do so through the contemporary scene of medium length and short film creation.
Wednesday, 21 April 13:30
As a ceaselessly ploughed furrow, documentary portraits look for faces and bodies, captured in interaction with an environment. The filmmakers who practice this art want to record the truth they perceive behind appearances of the Other within the precise, temporary and always precarious framework of the relationship between the filmmaker and the filmed.

Hosted by Bert Rebhandl, film critic

With directors:

Andrés Guerberoff, for Borom Taxi

Helga Rakel Rafnsdóttir, for Spare Parts

Anton Bialas, for Groupe Merle Noir

Alejandro Alonso, for Abyssal

Isabel Vaca, for Becoming


Forum 2021

Talk The Filmmaker and Their Model(s)

Hosted by Bert Rebhandl