Film still of the film Talk 5: Assumptions, Surveys and Speculation, directed by Visions du Réel 2021

Talk 5: Assumptions, Surveys and Speculation


A series of talks to further investigate the needs to tell a story, the personal points of view and approaches to do so through the contemporary scene of medium length and short film creation.
Friday, 23 April at 14:00
The documentary gesture sometimes moves away from the codes, takes freedoms with the sacrosanct reality, or on the contrary, brings it back into play, if it has only been glimpsed in the perpetual flow of information. How do we speculate with the real, whether we are filming the invisible, distorting archives, making a futuristic fable or going back in time? 

With directors:

Isabelle Prim, for Condition d'élévation

Jan Ijäs, for Belgrade Forest Incident…and What Happened to Mr. K?

Gerard Ortín Castellvi, for Future Foods

León Siminiani, for Stillness Syndrome

Martin Putz, for Wind

Forum 2021

Talk Assumptions, Surveys and Speculation