Wo bist du, João Gilberto?

Georges Gachot
France, Switzerland, Germany | 2018 | 106 min
World premiere
Languages : Portuguese, German
Subtitles : English, French

Ho Ba Là Là, Looking for João Gilberto is the title of a book in which the German journalist Marc Fischer recounts his desperate quest to find his idol, João Gilberto, gone from the public scene for decades. Following the traces left by Fischer, the director Georges Gachot goes to Rio de Janeiro too so as to continue the search for the legendary Gilberto, of whom he is also a fan. In the streets of the city, the music of the father of bossa nova still resonates, as if he were present everywhere.
Like a film noir, the director embodies a kind of detective looking for a missing person. Gachot borrows from the fanciful mystery that surrounds the figure of the Brazilian to articulate a narrative between fiction and documentary, a fine pretext to write a new history of bossa nova and its heritage along the way. We will ever know where João Gilberto is? No matter what, we can be certain that his music will always be there. The ultra-famous rhythm of Ho ba là là continues to ring out like a lullaby for all the insomniacs who are still looking for traces of him on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Elena López Riera

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