Film still of the film Ni d'Ève, ni d'Adam. Une histoire intersexe., directed by Floriane Devigne, Visions du Réel 2019

Ni d'Ève, ni d'Adam. Une histoire intersexe.

No Box For Me. An Intersex Story.

Floriane Devigne
France, Switzerland | 2018 | 58 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

M is 27 years old and was born with a biological variation of her sexual characteristics. Like 1.7% of the population she is intersex, a powerful taboo that she wished to shed. One day, everything is going to change when M gets in touch with Deborah, who is also intersex, and who will introduce her to a whole new perception of herself and her body. And, although the path to acceptance is still long and winding, M. will find comfort from other voices: that of Audrey and Pidgeon and other American intersex militants who are active on YouTube. Thanks to them, she will find new words, new representations that will allow her to escape from pathologizing medical definitions and enter into a new dimension where freedom, respect and hope are allowed. This is a film that queries the established standards and the limits of a binary, patriarchal and heterosexual vision of gender. Too touching to be binary, indeed.
Giona A. Nazzaro

Emmanuelle Dugne
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