LIBELLULA GENTILE Fabio Pusterla, the Poet’s Work

Gentle Dragonfly

Francesco Ferri
Switzerland | 2018 | 71 min
World premiere
Language : Italian
Subtitles : English, French

Recipient of the prestigious Swiss Schiller award and the Gottfried Keller award, Fabio Pusterla is a poet who has always nurtured his deep ties to his country and neighbouring northern Italy. Living away from the glamorous spotlights, he has always been a renowned and respected poet. Writer, essayist, and translator, with an impressive body of work, he has also very rarely allowed cameras to access his creative and private space. Director Francesco Ferri approaches Pusterla in a respectful and intimate way; like a friend meeting an old acquaintance after a very long time. The poet and philologist speaks in depth about his creative process. He explains with humility his philosophy, his work ethic, concerns and political engagement. All these elements become the subject of a fascinating film about an extremely captivating character and the mysteries and the mastery of poetic creation. LIBELLULA GENTILE (...) is the place where cinema encounters the poetic word and becomes an observational space where listening and understanding become one.

Giona A. Nazzaro

Elda GuidinettiAndres PfaeffliSilvana Bezzola
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