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Maria Stoianova
Ukraine, Norway | 2024 | 95 min
World premiere
Languages : Ukrainian, Russian, English
Subtitles : English, French

A figure skater with the Ukrainian “Ballet on ice”, Maria Stoianova’s father acquired his first camera in 1986, the year the filmmaker was born. In the formidable archives that make up the film, two universes intertwine: her childhood in Soviet Ukraine and the lush, capitalist outside world, to the rhythm of ice-skating performances. A fascinating and subtly political film.
Maria Stoianova's father, a figure skater with the Ukrainian Ballet on Ice, bought his first camera in 1986, the year the filmmaker was born. By combining letters from her parents with these family films, shot until the mid-1990s and painstakingly edited to rewrite history, the filmmaker has carved out her own path. Maintaining a considered and impressive distance, she paints the portrait of a man who dreams of freedom, and through him of the artists who, along with dissidents, were the first to rub shoulders with the capitalist West – a symbol of freedom and individualism – including the ambiguity associated with these notions that was confirmed after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In these formidable archives, two universes intersect; the intimate world of childhood and the exciting, vibrant world of live performance. As a sensitive reflection on the substance of the images emerges, so too the position of Ukraine is sketched out – caught between a Russian stranglehold and a consolidation of the expression of national sentiment towards the West. A historical, cultural and personal perspective on the geopolitical present.
Emilie Bujès
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