Cécile Embleton & Alys Tomlinson
United Kingdom | 2024 | 91 min
World premiere
Languages : Belarusian, French, English
Subtitles : English, French

Haunted by a tumultuous past, Vera has taken refuge in a Belarussian monastery. Guided by her love of horses, she sets out on a path of redemption. And towards her freedom, magnified by a tautly woven cinematography between iconography and pagan realism, where the shadow of Tarkovsky hangs in the air.

In the silent confines of a Belarusian monastery, Mother Vera – who initially took refuge in the orders while waiting for her partner to be released from prison – now waits for no-one but herself. Located outside of Minsk, this orthodox monastery also welcomes men who are in rehabilitation, and whose journeys mirror Vera's own. Her turbulent past, which she must confront in order to move forwards and reconnect with herself, is revealed in subtle ways that unsettle the silence of the convent. Vera's commanding presence, draped in a black robe and majestically riding a white horse through the snow, contributes to creating the haunting and fearless aura which surrounds her. Guided by her love of horses, she embarks on a journey of redemption, in a quest for freedom. This film is an expression of the transcendental power of images to evoke the antagonistic forces which shape a life. Through their magnificent photography, directors Cécile Embleton and Alys Tomlinson compose a mystical journey between shadow and light, with universal scope. 

Alice Riva
Cécile Embleton
Mother Vera, 2024
Takashi, 2020
Baluji, 2020
The Watchmaker, 2016

Alys Tomlinson
Mother Vera, 2024

Screenings and tickets

Monday 15 April 2024 18:15
Grande Salle, Nyon
In the presence of the director

Wednesday 17 April 2024 11:00
Capitole Leone, Nyon


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