A nuestros amigos

Adrián Orr
Spain, Portugal | 2024 | 90 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

Sara and Pedro, young adults from a working-class suburb of Madrid, love to raise hell together. But over the course of a summer, Sara makes new friends who introduce her to another world, that of the theatre. Caught up in a whirlwind of love and parties, she becomes torn between the two worlds. Her metamorphosis unfolds as she refutes her destiny.

Sara, a young woman from a working-class suburb of Madrid, loves to raise hell with her best friend, Pedro, and their group. He works in the family watchmaking workshop, while she is sitting her university exams, but having reservations about her future. Over the course of a summer, she makes new acquaintances who introduce her to their world of theatre, where she falls in love with Paula. In this whirlwind of new possibilities, full of love, parties and encounters, Sara gradually drifts away from Pedro and finds herself caught between two worlds with completely conflicting social realities. Throughout this metamorphosis, Sara becomes a character in her own story, being written both on stage and in her life, in a hybridisation of reality and its expectations. By immersing us in this pivotal period of Sara's life, Adrian Orr (Niñato, Visions du Réel 2017) offers an insight into those friendships we thought would last forever, tested by the different paths we take, on the way to our own destinies. Integrating the theatrical project of the La Tristura collective, To Our Friends is a masterful and enlightening film, skilfully being written under our very eyes, deciding on its own ending, refuting destiny.

Aurélien Marsais
To Our Friends, 2024
Niñato, 2017
Buenos días resistencia, 2013
De caballeros, 2011


Adrián OrrCelso GiménezSamuel Delgado
Adrián Orr
Miguel Martins
Ana Pfaff

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