Samuel Moreno Alvarez
Colombia | 2023 | 42 min
World premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

“Cut!”… and yet the camera keeps rolling. Filming is an immersive experience in the Colombian coffee fields, in which Robert Bresson’s Notes on the Cinematographer reveal themselves as in a palimpsest. The director of The Sheriff (VdR 2019) presents a strikingly beautiful medium-length film, a consideration on the act of filming itself.

In 2019, Colombian director and producer Samuel Moreno Alvarez set out to make a documentary about the filming of the fiction feature La Roya, directed over six weeks by Juan Sebastián Mesa in Southwestern Antioquia in Colombia (in the communities of Concordia, Betania, Andes and Betulia). As the scenes are being prepared, the director's idea and fiction script gradually brush up against the reality of the region: spatial interventions, the arrival of equipment and machines, the uncertainty of their preparations, their means of transport getting bogged down, and the constant assault of the crew converging towards an almost unattainable objective... Samuel Moreno Alvarez thus reveals how difficult film shoots can be, but also the struggles we so often have with ourselves. This intrusion of the everyday into the creation of a film is gradually contrasted by the palimpsest-like emergence of quotations from Robert Bresson's Notes on the Cinematographer. This friction between documentary and fiction results in a visually stunning medium-length film that is a reflection on the act of filming itself, evoking Eric Rohmer's famous phrase: "every film is a documentary about its own making”.


Charlotte Serrand

Filming, 2023
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What’s Behind The Dead Owl?, 2021
The Sheriff, 2019
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Samuel Moreno Alvarez
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