Tommaso Santambrogio
Italy | 2023 | 49 min
World premiere
Languages : Spanish, English
Subtitles : English, French

One of our greatest contemporary filmmakers, Filipino director Lav Diaz, meets a Cuban cab driver, Gustavo Flecha. When their discussion touches on one of ex-dictator Marcos’ collaborators—now supposedly a refugee in Cuba—the film opens onto a new dimension of great formal beauty, artfully articulating the relationship between the political past and the present.

The extraordinary opening sequence of this film depicts the encounter between one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers, the Filipino director Lav Diaz, and a Cuban taxi driver, Gustavo Flecha. As they drive through the streets of San Antonio, the taxi serves not only as a form of transport through space but also through time. During the deeply personal and political dialogue between the two men, a question arises about an ex-collaborator of the dictator Marcos, now supposedly a refugee in Cuba. The decision to find him opens the film up to another formally exquisite, cinematographic dimension: through a meticulous and detailed observation of human behaviour, Tommaso Santambrogio manages to give an embodied account of power relationships, masterfully articulating the past with a present that seems frozen in time. The careful observation of relationships of subjugation in a hacienda in San Antonio, where all the employees are submitted to the law of their employer, creates evident echoes which allow us to draw links between the histories of injustice in the Philippines and Cuba.


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Tuesday 25 April 2023 20:30
In the presence of the director
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Friday 28 April 2023 14:00
This film is screened with Filming


Tommaso Santambrogio
Tommaso SantambrogioLorenzo Casadio
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