Pedro Neto & Ricardo Falcão
Portugal | 2021 | 84 min
Swiss Premiere
Languages : Wolof, Portuguese, French
Subtitles : English, French

A fully loaded car leaves Portugal for Senegal. The driver inside is connected via his mobile to the people he has left behind and to those he is going to meet in Dakar. A journey full of unforeseen events that dives into the Maghreb’s physical and human landscapes. Once his mission is completed, the man will return, with wooden masks as travel companions.

Men load luggage into a car leaving for Africa. It will be a non-stop journey from Portugal to Senegal. Adama, the driver, is travelling by himself, accompanied nonetheless by his mobile phone. He receives frequent telephone calls to inform him of what is needed by those who await him as well as what is happening at home. In the meantime, the places passed by follow one after another, as do the protagonist’s actions: the uncomfortable space on the ferry, where he sleeps on the floor; Tangier and Casablanca, where he must stop to have the car repaired; the motorway, where he helps a motorist with car trouble; the border with Mauritania, where he leaves the luggage of his local clients; the desert, where he stops at a service station. And finally the Senegal River where, entering the country, he meets those who are waiting for him, delivers the merchandise, rests at home. A few days later, he will make his return journey in the company of wooden masks for the market... This road movie presents itself as a hinge between two worlds, a peaceful look at humanity in progress.


Luciano Barisone


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  • Saturday 9 April, 20:00
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