Claire Denis
France | 2004 | 84 min
Language : French
Subtitle : English

Filming a “work in progress”, Claire Denis followed
the French choreographer Mathilde Monnier during a creation. From writing to staging, the relationship with the body is approached in all its aspects, allowing us to see the shared language of the two artists, and weaving infinite links
between dance and film.

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“In each gesture, there is resistance and abandonment.” This is how the French choreographer Mathilde Monnier speaks about her relationship with dance and more precisely with the body. Claire Denis followed her during a creation, from the writing to the staging, and via the rehearsals. Let us assume that film is a skin and we then understand the reasons for which the filmmaker alternates between the use of Super 8 and 16 mm. Finding the right material, the ideal texture, this is all part of the research work that leads to becoming one with the approach of Mathilde Monnier. This presence of the medium, no matter how subtle it may be, gives rise to continuous attention to every gesture, leading each spectator to feel the curves drawn by the film. Finally, this mediation allows us to think that film and dance share the same language, but that we no longer really know which one feeds the other. With infinite sensitivity, Claire Denis films the future of a piece like a process of desire.

Tom Bidou

Maître du Réel Claire Denis

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