Raphaël Holzer
Switzerland | 2020 | 68 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

Special Mention
While he begins shooting the portrait of his father, the filmmaker is shadowed. Eric, a detective himself, decides to undertake the investigation with his son. This unexpected event leads to a shared goal, thus bringing the two men closer together. The paper chase then becomes the scene of a touching transmission, in which the father’s memories gradually come to the surface.

Raphaël Holzer intends to film a portrait of his father, but he seems to to be shadowed. Eric, a detective by trade, convinces his son to undertake the investigation together. With the film project diverted, the portrait is now sketched out through this paper chase. Privé is shared between a period of action, with road trips to undertake the investigation, and a period of reflection, which takes place at home, where the battle plan is executed. These two registers enable us to understand both the extent of the skills required to carry out this profession and the change in behaviour in the face of diverse situations. In the spotlight and in charge of operations, the father is put in the position of storyteller. It is then striking to see how his tongue is loosened when put at ease by the cinematographic apparatus. From memories of the profession to the values it conveys, Eric lays out the ethics of a life and addresses his son with no small joy. At the end of the day, the return to the roots undertaken by Raphaël benefits from a fortunate sharing.

Tom Bidou


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