Le Commerce et la Vertu (Work in Progress)

Claire Simon
France | 2018 | 180 min
Language : French

A documentary series, a singular format to recount the surprising adventures of a village in the South of France. For two years, Claire Simon set up her camera in the only street in Lussas, which, like the Hollywood studios, brings together all the professions of the documentary film industry. Surrounded by vines and fruit trees, she observes the birth of an online film distribution cooperative…
Whether they are producing cherries, wine or documentary films, here, they initiate, they project, they innovate, and they build. Over the seasons, Jean-Marie, a visionary documentary-lover, Jean-Paul, mayor-farmer, Patrice, who has gone “back to the land”, Manu and Vincent who sell their natural wine to Japan and a whole community of film-loving neo-country-dwellers throw themselves passionately into ambitious, modern and rural undertakings… Claire Simon films this collective story, that of a village anchored in our time, like the fulfilment of a gentle utopia. The result is 6 hours of human adventure whose twists and turns are articulated across 10 episodes.

Rebecca HOUZEL
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Maître du Réel Claire Simon

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