Film still of the film Six portraits XL: Portrait n°2 Daniel, directed by Alain Cavalier, Visions du Réel 2017

Six portraits XL: Portrait n°2 Daniel

Alain Cavalier
France | 2017 | 52 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

“Daniel Isoppo writes short texts that he plays in theatre himself. He also acts in films. In his youth, he was a filmmaker. Every day, in cafés, he plays Rapido grids and also enthusiastically indulges in the many scratch cards offered by the French Lottery” (A. Cavalier). Daniel opens the door of his small apartment to Alain Cavalier. We sense an old and close friendship between them. Each time the camera comes into this space it is like a little ceremony. In fact, Daniel’s life obeys a very precise series of gestural and vocal obsessions. Between the handling of an object in his kitchen, the opening or closing of a door or window, and the systematic checking of Rapido grids, he recounts fragments of his life: a solitary life, with erratic romances and calm resignation. Cavalier’s camera is head-on, facing his character, capturing his feverish energy, like that of a sleepwalker. Images of an old film shot by Daniel suddenly appear. It is the ghost of a life that has taken another direction...

Luciano Barisone

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