Film still of the film Six portraits XL: Portrait n°1 Jacquotte, directed by Alain Cavalier, Visions du Réel 2017

Six portraits XL: Portrait n°1 Jacquotte

Alain Cavalier
France | 2017 | 49 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

“For fifteen years, I’ve been filming Jacqueline Pouliquen each time that, heading off on holiday to La Baule, she passes by Chalonnes to open the house of her beloved parents who are no longer there. Cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, everything is revisited, she remembers... But it has to be sold, floor by floor... It all ends up stacked in the attic...” The words of Alain Cavalier are a good introduction to this peaceful portrait of a woman for whom memory has an important place in the frantic present. Here, as in all portraits, time plays a fundamental role in building the narration. Year after year, the same scenario is repeated, but one would be mistaken to think that all this happens automatically. It is the details that change from one moment to another. It is the variations on the same theme that give the film life. Sometimes it is words, another time it is gestures, and another time it is gazes. In the meantime, the house is put up for sale and the family environment of the past is reconstituted in the attic. Everything changes and nothing changes. Just like in life.

Luciano Barisone

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