Barbet Schroeder
France | 1978 | 85 min
Languages : English, French
Subtitles : English, French

Koko, a female gorilla born in captivity and raised by humans, grows up in front of the camera. Her “civilised” behaviour, her intelligence and her understanding of sign language make her an ideal subject for a film by Barbet Schroeder. Films that never lose sight of the contradictions between instinct and logic, nature and culture or the individual and society. A modern fable that is worthy of Aesop.

MAÎTRE DU RÉEL PRIZE-GIVING CEREMONY – Barbet Schroeder receives the Sesterce d'or Prix Maître du Réel Raiffeisen in person, in recognition of his entire career.Prize-giving ceremony followed by the screening of the film Koko, le gorille qui parle.

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