Switzerland meets… is a unique opportunity for Swiss producers and representatives of public funds and television to meet a delegation from another region/country, and to encourage co-production, networking and collaboration. In 2023, delegations from Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg came to Nyon: Switzerland meets Benelux.

The two-day program includes an introductory roundtable discussion to present the challenges and opportunities for co-production between Switzerland and another region/country. We will also discuss the country-specific aspects of co-production and funding partnerships (funds, broadcasters, tax incentives, etc.), as well as a presentation of the selected production companies from both the invited country and Switzerland. This presentation will cover their profiles and line-ups.

On the second day, business-focused individual meetings between the invited country and Swiss professionals will take place, allowing participants to exchange on their own projects for potential co-productions.

If you have any questions, contact us at industry@visionsdureel.ch

VdR 2022 | Switzerland meets Scandinavia
A bilateral co-production meeting between Switzerland and Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

VdR 2021 | Switzerland meets Italy

A bilateral co-production meeting between Switzerland and Italy.
Please, click here to access the recording.

VdR 2021 | A Case Study – Guerra e Pace
A production case study talk given by Swiss and Italian producers (Laura Nicotra – Rai Cinema, David Fonjallaz – Lomotion) of War and Peace by Martina Parenti & Massimo D’Anolfi presented in Latitudes as part of Visions du Réel 2021 programme, in order to explain how the co-production has developed between Rai Cinema, Montmorency Film (IT) and Lomotion (CH).
Please, click here to access the recording.

Belgium with Flanders Image

Belgium with Wallonie Bruxelles Images

The Netherlands with SEE NL

Luxembourg with Film Fund Luxembourg


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