Mon pire ennemi

Mehran Tamadon
France, Switzerland | 2023 | 82 min
Swiss Premiere
Language : Persian
Subtitles : French, English

Mehran Tamadon has spent years filming defenders of the Iranian regime, seeking to open a space for dialogue. Exiled in France, he asks Iranian refugees who lived through the repression to interrogate him for his new film project. But this violent experience soon gets out of control. An astonishing and unsettling film.

In his previous films, Mehran Tamadon filmed defenders of the Iranian regime – such as members of the Basij militia and mollahs – in an effort to open a space for dialogue through the medium of film. Banished from the country and now living in exile in France, he suggests to Mohtabar, Hamzeh and Zar – Iranian refugees who have experienced the repression of the regime – that they put him through an ideological interrogation. He wishes to return to Iran with this film, to hold a mirror up to the agents of the regime, so that they may become aware of their violence. But for those taking part, this game means invoking the memories of a violent and painful experience, which caused them to flee their country. Whilst the first volunteers are hesitant to step into the shoes of their torturers, Zar is subsumed by her role and dives head first into this dangerous game, riskily reopening old wounds. The project of the film is therefore challenged: by invoking the ghosts of the repression, how does Tamadon reopen the doors of horror for his participants? As many ethical questions at work in this unsettling and astonishing film.


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