Victor Ridley
Belgium, United Kingdom, 29 min
World premiere

Out Skerries is a minuscule archipelago of the United Kingdom located in Scotland, to the east of the Shetland Islands, in the middle of the North Sea. A few years ago, the fish farm—the island’s main economic resource and the only company offering the possibility of a job—went bankrupt. Then the government closed the secondary school. The archipelago’s population went from 70 to about 20 inhabitants… Julie Powis Arthur is one of the women who remained. Her husband, then her eldest son, had to leave their house for the Mainland and only rarely come back. She is alone with her youngest children, in her empty house battered by the winds. Her day-to-day follows the rhythm of the activities and states of mind of those gone: their coming and goings, their fears and their difficulties that she shares from a distance. She continues to be the cornerstone of her scattered family and this household that she had meticulously built. Vaarheim means “our house” in the Shetlandic dialect. And the film is balanced between the interior and the exterior of Julie’s house, perched above the sea, in the middle of a pasture that is always green beneath a sky that is always grey.

Madeline Robert


29 min
Belgium, United Kingdom
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International Medium Length & Short Film Competition
World premiere
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Victor Ridley
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International Medium Length & Short Film Competition