Augstaka tiesa

Herz Frank
Latvia | 1987 | 68 min
Language : Latvian
Subtitle : French

On the 26th of May 1984, a crime committed in Riga shook up the entire town; Busilina, a well-known trade-union member was shot and killed at her home, in company of a friend. The murderer was soon found and condemned to death. He is the central protagonist in this film of syncopated rhythm, the inexorable confrontation of the moral problem of capital punishment. Essentially, the path followed by Dolgov, the condemned man, resembles that of many others: abandoned at a very young age, a child of tenement blocks, initiated to the black market and speculation, he took the decisive step and turned to crime. Why? He is unable to give a clear answer and the essential does not necessarily lie there. 

Archives Visions du Réel 1987