Mankan Ha Ye Ghal’e Hassan Khan

Sam Kalantari
Iran | 2015 | 31 min
International Premiere
Language : Farsi
Subtitles : English, French

Like a science-fiction film, He examines the surreal path of shop window dummies, from their design in a factory to a possible final use. Between the two lies a colourful Iranian society which seems to be sounded out, intermittently unveiling the repressed spectres of an erotic imagery. With the help of a simple and ingenious cinematographical system, Sam Kalantari successfully blends the strange with the real, reveal- ing, not without humour, the ‘Unheimli- chkeit’ emanating from day-to-day life: “One of the most successful devices for easily creating uncanny effects is to leave the reader in uncertainty whether a particular figure in the story is a human being or an automaton.” (Ernst Jentsch, cited by Sigmund Freud in The Uncanny). Following an almost silent pathway punctuated by different spheres linked to the prêt-à-porter, the destiny of banal objects is sketched out, seeming to measure humanity.

Emilie Bujès


Leila Hosseini
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