Rachel Vulliens
Switzerland | 2016 | 44 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

Childhood, the carefree life on a Swiss farm. There are the gestures of children and those of adults. There are games and work. The warmth of the home and the fresh air of the woods. Life with family, and with friends. Animals and nature. Charles and Lucas are barefoot on the ground, their heads in the clouds.

In Chiens des champs it’s their territory that is gradually revealed. Firstly in a sensorial manner, playing with the materials: the skin grain of the children, the softness of the humus in the undergrowth, the twinkle of the dew in the grass in the meadows, the warmth of the animals’ coats… The camera follows as closely as possible, but draws out their playground, through their games, from the house to the forest, through the fields, reconstructed by dots, limitless. Absolute freedom. It is this camera, always nearby and vibrant, that charts the lightness of life for these kids. It is the work of constantly lively editing, ceaselessly connecting this movement, that reveals, with each of their actions, the taste and astonishment of discovery.

Madeline Robert


Claude WitzAurélie Mertenat
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