Corinne Sullivan
France | 2014 | 50 min
World premiere
Language : Georgian
Subtitles : French, English

Nugzari has decided to settle down for good in the ruins of his childhood village, Mutso. Nourished by the collective imagination created around this territory of the Georgian mountains, Nugzari dreams of bringing this empty region back to life. Through his epic tale we discover the story of a family, of a community and of a hinterland made of stones, dreams and words.

Nodzari leaves the Tbilisi plain to move in with his family in Mutso, in the deserted mountains of Khevsureti, Georgia. Fuelled by the collective imagination built around this region, he seeks to breathe new life into the village of his childhood that now lies in ruins. In a country where the “presence” of the past has been – and remains – a source of wars and conflicts, we experience a relationship that is at once intensely intimate and spiritual, and also intensely tangible with the stone, with the houses that are falling down, with the sacred ruins. In his journeys into the memory of places, Nodzari is accompanied by his son and says to him: “Every stone must be a story for you. You must love every stone.” The transmission has taken place. Tourists appear, take a photo and leave. An epic film on the power of storytelling.

Paolo Moretti


Petit à petit productionDavid FoucherEmmanuel Parraud
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