Il turno

Elvio Manuzzi, Pietro De Tilla & Tommaso Perfetti
Italy, 32 min

A hydroelectric company employee is caught up in his usual routine down in the valley while, above him, his colleagues who watch over the dam await the helicopter that brings the change of shifts. On the one hand, we see the warmth of family relationships, words and affectionate gestures; on the other, the austerity and solitude of the work. Space and action are in full harmony.

After flying over a snow-covered forest, the camera lands near a dam, the basin for a hydroelectric plant situated in the high mountains. In the shelter attached to the dam, the watchmen go about their daily activities, making coffee and entering the day’s data into the official records. A maintenance inspection allows us to discover the passageways around and inside the dam: the beauty and isolation of this place are both conveyed through the photographic work and framing. The sound of the television is constant inside the shelter, reassuringly proving the existence of an outside world. Suddenly, we are down in the valley, around a fire, where people are preparing food and talking. This is a whole other world: different gestures, different words, different colours. The editing switches between these two spaces and unveils their differences, connections and subtle links. As the watchmen prepare to leave, the film, like the job, reveals its circular structure. Paolo Moretti


32 min
Compétition Internationale Courts Métrages
English, French
Elena TurettiSergio Visinoni
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