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Mona Schier
2023, Germany, Netherlands, 20 min

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Now, almost 80 years after the second world war, after a whole life of reflection, Klaus writes a letter to his dead father about the traumatizing experiences that were caused by him.When Klaus starts to write the letter, he is in his own place of peace and thoughtfulness, in an imaginary field. Within the letter, he explains three main stories in more detail.A story about how an allied bomber pilot got killed in front of Klaus' eyes; when his father gave him a gun with the instruction to kill his mother and his three younger siblings in case the Russians would come to get them and how he walked with his father for seven days straight get over the border in the American zone.Two of these stories will be shown through animation and told by voice-over. Granddaughter Mona interviews Klaus about his childhood and the complicated and unresolved relationship with his father. Klaus explains how he did find his path in life, despite his trauma.
20 min
Germany, Netherlands
Matheus LonghiniMona Schier
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