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VdR–Industry is thrilled to share its 2021 project selection. 29 projects are invited to participate
in the 3 key activities: VdR–Pitching, VdR–Work in Progress and VdR–Rough Cut Lab.

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Find the complete 2021 VdR–Film Market catalogue online here.

From April 14th, all accredited professionals will be able to start watching films of Visions du Réel’s Official Selection, Partner’s Collections as well as many more unreleased documentaries.

The Film Market is available online for three months (until July 25th for Industry accredited professionals, and until May 5th for Press accredited professionals).

Dedicated to cinema professionals, VdR–Industry and its activities represent a springboard for future films to find support in every stage of their production.

For 15 years now, our Industry activities aim to underline and exalt the variety and richness of creative documentaries while providing precious networking opportunities. In particular, our goal is to facilitate both national and international collaborations and partnerships between the projects’ representatives and the professionals attending the industry events, not only for today but also in the years to come.