Aljona Surzhikova
2020, Estonia, 90 min

The story is about Perestroika generation which was born in the last decade of Soviet-era in Estonia and currently represents the Russian-speaking minority in the European Union. Back in 1994, Aljona Surzhikova kept a collective diary – a Friends’ Book. That history repeats itself today in Facebook, the manifestation of contemporary online culture. All those people from the old-school analog Friends’ Book are now on Facebook. Between these portraits we see a memory of 1994: the situation in Estonia, departing Soviet tanks, the two Presidents Lennart Meri and Boris Yeltsin drinking champagne, and the tragedy of passenger ferry “Estonia”. The Friends’ Book reminds us of the music of the nineties and brings us back VHS stylistics.
90 min
Estonian, Russian
Aljona SurzikovaDiafilm
Categories Festival Screenings
  • BlackNight Film Festival 2020, 2020, Baltic film competition
Distribution already confirmed
  • Estonia
Walter Nagythe Institute of Documentary Filmwalter@dokweb.net+420607886091
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