Ako som sa stala partizánkou

Vera Lacková
2021, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 90 min

Documentary feature How I Became a Partisan comes with an unprecedented story of Slovak, Czech or Czechoslovak history. The main theme of the movie is searching for the fate of forgotten Roma partisans.The author of the film is the Romani director Vera Lacková. Her search for and revealing of the stories of Romani partisans is based primarily upon the life story of her great-grandfather; Romani partisan Ján Lacko.The autobiographical quest brings the director closer to the previously unpublished facts concerning our history and discovers stories about people, who regardless of their different ethnic origin stood united against evil.
90 min
Slovakia, Czech Republic
Slovak, Czech
Jan BodnárMedia VoiceJarmila PolákováFilm & Sociology
Categories Festival Screenings
  • goEast Film Festival, Wiesbaden, 2021
Distribution already confirmed
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
Walter Nagythe Institute of Documentary
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