Renowned figures from the world of cinema are invited to award the Festival’s prizes to filmmakers whose works stand out for their singularity and innovativeness.

International Feature Film Competition

Marco Alessi Producer Italy
Frédéric Boyer Artistic Director France
Ursula Meier Filmmaker France, Switzerland

Burning Lights International Competition

Valentina Novati Producer France
Bianca Oana Producer and writer Romania
Ala Eddine Slim Filmmaker Tunisia

National Competition

Karim Sayad Filmmaker Switzerland, Algeria
Alessandro Stellino Film critic and film programmer Italy
Jia Zhao Producer China

International Competition Medium Length and Short Film

Manuel Abramovich Filmmaker Argentina
Pedro Fernandes Duarte Producer Portugal
Simone Späni Producer Switzerland

Jury des Jeunes

With the participation of Christophe Pithon from Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD)—Chairman of the Youth Jury

Alice Blachon
Leandro Dobrinov
Kimali Pilet
Margaux Rivier