A word from our partners

Visions du Réel is happily able to take place live again. La Mobilière is pleased to be continuing its commitment as main partner of the event for another three years.

This year’s festival is also special for another reason. As part of our commitment to young people, we have developed some joint projects with Visions du Réel. Two film design workshops will therefore be addressed at young people aged between 13 and 15, one on the fringes of the festival and the other during our Atelier du Futur summer camp. We are delighted about this new chapter of our shared history.

Michèle Rodoni
La Mobilière


The International Film Festival of Nyon, Visions du Réel, stands out as a place of exchange, reflection and emotion, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts around documentary cinema. It is an essential meeting place for anyone wishing to understand the world and its complex realities through the sharp eyes of filmmakers.

SSR and RTS, the festival’s historical partners, share this vocation. We are proud to contribute to documentary creation and to its influence, with special thanks to Play Suisse. The Swiss streaming platform is showcasing a rich collection of documentaries, including a selection Visions du réel labelled gems, which are now available for you to discover.

Gilles Marchand
Director general SRG SSR

Pascal Crittin
Director RTS


“Telling the story of reality in all its complexity”

We live in strange times: we are on the verge of emerging from an unprecedented pandemic and we can finally get back to that strange and delightful ritual that is cinema: sitting comfortably in a dark room and letting ourselves be carried away by the light of the projector that imprints a story on our eyes.
Yet at the same time, war erupts on our screens, disruptively delivering the violence of a new conflict on Europe’s doorstep.
It is at moments like these that we measure the importance of the documentary approach, its long duration, its humanism and its desire to tell the story of reality in all its complexity. In this context, Visions du Réel is becoming an increasingly important and necessary festival.

Cesla Amarelle
State Councillor


Always with innovative ideas and a pioneering spirit 

The partnership between Visions du Réel and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has existed for 20 years. During that period, the festival has developed considerably, always with innovative ideas and a pioneering spirit. Not only has it become a meeting place for professional documentary filmmakers from all over the world, but Visions du Réel has also been flexible and quick to transition to the hybrid or digital. New spaces have opened up in the virtual world, but the old ones remain. That is why we are looking forward to personal exchanges in Nyon and the opportunity to watch documentaries together with other fans. Many thanks for the good partnership and the great commitment to filmmakers from the South and East. This year as well, we are looking forward to a programme that will transport us into new realities.

Patricia Danzi
Director General
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC


The Visions du Réel festival has been exploring documentary film – and the fine line between fiction and reality – for more than 50 years now, building a reputation as one of the leading festivals of its kind in Europe. It has become a key event for the industry, featuring an ambitious programme that draws very diverse audiences. Having organised two exciting online editions because of the pandemic, we will once again be able to gather in person for the 2022 event. Film festivals are important sites of discussion and debate about the state of the world – and the filmmakers who focus on reality make an especially vital contribution to this dialogue. Their unique view on the world today has become more important than ever.

Alain Berset
Conseiller fédéral