Lola Arias
Argentina, Switzerland, Germany | 2024 | 83 min
Swiss Premiere
Language : Spanish
Subtitles : English, French

A group of cis women and transgender persons relive moments from their incarceration in a disused prison in Buenos Aires. Playing several roles, they reappropriate their histories, and the violence they suffered, through music and choreography. A documentary musical in which body and voice express the determination and solidarity of the collective with disarming sincerity.

After a humiliating and violent body search, Yoseli is taken to a cell, where she meets Cantero. Cantero explains to her the rules of the fictional prison in which they find themselves; a place in which solidarity and sharing between inmates reign supreme. In this disused prison in the heart of Buenos Aires, the stories of the incarceration of several cis women and trans people are re-enacted. During their imprisonment, they experienced pain and violence, but they also built friendships and romantic relationships. By playing their own roles on screen, then those of others – inmates and guards – the protagonists retell each other's stories in a series of dazzling pop tableaux, bestowing on them a power mixed with fragility. Punctuated by song and dance performances, this documentary-musical comedy is a vibrant expression of a group's determination to articulate and heal from traumatic experiences through words and music.
Alice Fuchs
Reas, 2024
Theatre of War, 2018


Themed walks

Filmmakers or researchers from UNIL will take you on a walk through the streets of Nyon to delve into and deepen your appreciation of this film’s subject. Balade avec Elena Sampedro et Anne Gallot, de la galerie-librairie FOCALE

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María Elisa (Meui) CanobraVictoria Franzan
Ana RemónJosé Goyeneche
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