Ningyi Sun & Pascale Appora-Gnekindy
Central African Republic, China | 2023 | 94 min
Swiss Premiere
Languages : French, Chinese, Sango
Subtitles : French, English

Luan, a Chinese construction manager, must finish a new bank building in Bangui, Central African Republic, which will be inaugurated by the president himself. Thomas dives into the river for the sand that Luan needs. In this at times comical film, each must fight in his own way for the well-being of his family in a country ravaged by poverty and civil war.

Luan, a Chinese immigrant, is in Bangui, Central African Republic, facing his greatest professional challenge to date: he must oversee the construction of a bank headquarters that is expected to be inaugurated soon by the President of the nation himself. At the opposite end of the same labour chain, Thomas must dive into the river to get the sand that Luan needs for his building. Both share the same goal: to progress in their careers and give their families a better life. Meanwhile, the erratic and difficult lives of their families manifest themselves at a distance in various ways. Luan receives phone calls from his wife who, living thousands of kilometers away, is feeling abandoned and attempts to commit suicide; while Thomas' wife and girlfriend have both abandoned him, leaving him in charge of all his children. Eat Bitter fluidly and honestly articulates the daily life of both men, revealing the traces of the presence of the large Chinese community in the region, as well as the scars of a country devastated by the experience of a long civil war and a poverty to which no one seems to have any answers.


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