Jacquelyn Mills
Canada | 2017 | 60 min
World premiere
Language : English
Subtitle : French

Canada. The peaceful life of an old lady, in a village on the seaside, is disturbed by a sudden confrontation with the fragility of life. This moment sends her back into her past to seek out the meaning of existence. But the arrival of her niece and her children will all of a sudden fill this gap. The filmmaker says: “My film is an intergenerational love letter between niece and grandmother, an ebb and flow between dreams and reality, between past and present, between the magic of childhood and the encounter with death.” Old age, time that flies by. Youth, time that remains slow. The eternal question of all human beings at the end of their lives is asked here. Some moments are unforgettable: the song at the hospital, the short scenes between old people and kids... The twilight in which the film is bathed—more an inner light than that of the day—is magnificent. In these images of attachment to small things, to memories, to details of landscape and nature, we clearly see a slow farewell to the world.

Luciano Barisone


Jacquelyn MillsAonan YangAndreas MendritzkiNguyen-Anh Nguyen
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