Tutte le anime del mio corpo

Erika Rossi
Italy, Slovenia, 58 min
International Premiere

After the passing of her mother, Lorena finds the diary that she kept all her life. The entries allow her to discover a different woman. Having grown up in the worship of her father who fought as a partisan during the war, Lorena realises that she must start digging in the secret story of her mother if she wants to understand aspects of her own life. The pages of the diary feel like a book from another time. Working as a nurse, her mother was covertly working for the partisans passing them intelligence that she astutely acquired from wounded German soldiers by administering more morphine than usually required to ease the pain. Like an unfathomable spy that could have been the creation of a writer like Graham Greene, Lorena’s mother becomes the silent witness of the turmoil that led to the foundation of the Italian Republic. Her intimate thoughts about the meaning of pain and war, and her willingness to act and fight, shed a new light of compassion and understanding in Lorena’s life choices. Erika Rossi creates a multi-layered portrait about the meaning of love, commitment, and legacy.

Giona A. Nazzaro


58 min
Italy, Slovenia
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International Premiere
English, French
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