Li-gyeong Hong
Republic of Korea (South Korea) | 2013 | 92 min
Language : Korean
Subtitles : English, French

A look behind the immaculate Samsung world. Young women recruited while they are still in school and brought to work in a life-endangering environment. Lives put on the line in order to save money and to meet deadlines. Workers dressed with inadequate protective gear. People getting sick and dying for the sake of profit. This film exposes the ugly truth about the Samsung empire.

We are so used to our mobile phones, that we do not ask ourselves where these “things” do come from. We are so tightly connected to our phones that we not only cannot fathom our lives without them, but what is worse we do not question how these objects were produced in the first place. Who are the people that allow through their invisible work to chat, email or even sext? Why are they dressed like extras in George A. Romero’s The Crazies? The Empire of Shame dares to glance behind the façade of digital efficiency of the Samsung Behemoth, one of the world’s leading mega-companies specialized in making our ways of communicating easier. The question is: at what price? This film, built like a fascinating exercise in dystopian science-fiction, breaks the boundaries of combat-cinema, exploring the form of social commentary while still keeping it as challenging and heartbreaking as possible. Brutally honest, unflinchingly revelatory, The Empire of Shame exposes horrible truths while asking each one of us where we stand in our desire to be always updated with the latest technological trends.

Giona A. Nazzaro

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