L'état du monde

Rodrigue Jean
Canada, 78 min

Montreal. Ti-Red, fresh out of prison, combs every inch of the district in search of his girlfriend. Marco and Rob, high as kites, resort to prostitution. Daguy, a homeless artist, visits a friend. They are all followed by sequences of long takes. Falling between direct cinema and mise en scène, this roving film plunges us with rawness, humour and grace into the wild energy of this marginalised world.

Montreal. Ti-Red, just released from prison, combs every inch of the district in search of his girlfriend. Then they go begging together. Marco and Rob get as high as kites and resort to prostitution for a few dollars. Daguy, a homeless artist, philosophises in the tent he calls home and visits a friend who is hardly better off. The filmmakers follow them on their urban wanderings or their drug trips – which sometimes boil down to the same thing. Day and night see the camera, up close and personal, closely following these characters in constant movement through their physical struggles. Working each chapter with fast-paced, structured editing, the film reproduces all the vitality and wild energy of this marginalised world. Falling between cinéma direct and ‘mise-en-scène’, this conversational, roving film is part of the epopee.me web-cinema collective project, involving people in difficulty who burst onto the screen here through their presence and humanity. A raw and resounding response to all forms of exclusion.

Alessia Bottani

78 min
Etat d'Esprit
Épopée Collective
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Etat d'Esprit

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