The Expedition to the End of the World

Ekspeditionen til verdens ende

Daniel Dencik
Denmark, Sweden, 90 min

A journey outside the comfort zone of the Western Civilization. A group of people heads for the rapidly melting ice massifs in North-East Greenland. Geologists, artists, sailors and scientists face the daily problems of an outstanding challenge. The film manages to capture the breathtaking beauty of the world while asking us what we are willing to do in order to save it.

A small group of brave and passionate scientists sets off for the “end of the world”. They are not alone in their endeavour. Joined by artists and geologists alike, they plan to reach North-Eastern Greenland, where the rapidly melting ice fields are: a disaster that is provoking incredible climate changes and threatens to become a major environmental catastrophe. Each member of the expedition has to get acquainted with a completely new way of living and working away from the comforts of home. Thus the journey becomes a different possibility of experiencing the world. While polar bears and countless other dangers lurk, nature reveals itself in all its breath-taking beauty. An intimate and yet ambitious work of amazing scope, the film knowingly orchestrates human emotions and the fierce beauty of a world that is at risk of disappearing. Like an old-fashioned adventure film, Ekspeditionen til verdens ende asks an important question. A question that cannot be avoided anymore: what and where is the real place of mankind in the grand tapestry of creation?

Giona A. Nazzaro


90 min
Denmark, Sweden
Etat d'Esprit
Danish, English
English, French
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