Alphée des étoiles

Hugo Latulippe
Canada | 2012 | 82 min
Language : French
Subtitle : English

Little Alphée is suffering from a genetic disease that slows down her development. Her parents take the chance to break free from their everyday life in Canada and spend a year living in a western Swiss village with Alphée and her brother. In his video diary, the patient father gets closer to his daughter. Magical scenes attest to her freedom just to be a child.  

Little Alphée suffers from a genetic disease that slows down her development. When the 5-year-old girl is supposed to go to a special school, her parents take the risk of breaking away from their busy everyday life in Quebec. With Alphée and her brother, they relocate for one year to a village in the French part of Switzerland where Alphée's mother Laure was born. In a filmed journal, Alphée's father, director Hugo Latulippe spends this year getting closer to his daughter. He comments about her off screen, reports on little concerns and especially on the joys of observing his daughter thriving in nature and being allowed to develop her own rhythm. His patience is also challenged, for example when Alphée no longer wants to learn through playing. This gentle and patient cinematic vision allows multiple magical scenes where time seems to stand still and we simply want to watch the cheerful girl. Alphée des étoiles is a moving declaration of love and also an invitation to live life according to one's own rhythm.