L'âge adulte

Eve Duchemin
Belgium, France | 2012 | 56 min
Language : French
Subtitle : English

During the day, a young woman works to refurbish a house, from which she will probably be evicted.  At the same time, she buys requisites for another job. At night, she works as a stripper in a city night club to pay for her nursing studies. At the age of 22, she wonders: “What does it mean to become an adult?” A minutely observed film, intimate and unsparing.

Marseille. Sabrina and her former boyfriend share an old house in the hills. They are young and out of work. Between port and suburbs, they manage to survive, doing casual jobs. He works at restoring the property from which they will probably be expelled sooner or later, or, suspended in a safety harness, cleans the glass facades of the tall buildings in the city centre. She is training to be a nurse. At the same time, during the day, she buys accessories for another job. Because at night, Sabrina becomes Sarah and works as a stripper in a night club to pay for her studies. She is 22 years old and, like a tight-rope walker, defies the void of her precarious way of life. The filmmaker, with whom they have a relationship of trust and respect, follows them in their respective “careers”. But this is not a work of pure observation. She engages in a dialogue, wanting to let hope in. She, too, is young.  With her characters, she asks: “What does it mean to become an adult?”

Luciano Barisone

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