3 dni wolności

Łukasz Borowski
Poland | 2011 | 27 min
Language : Polish
Subtitle : English

After fifteen years behind bars, Poitr is allowed three days of freedom. In this bitter (first) film, Łukasz Borowski follows his character during the few hours he spends on the outside. An experience lived in the immediate present by Piotr, who savours every minute of his existence, while trying to escape the dizzy sense of time irredeemably lost.

Piotr Klous, sentenced to twenty-eight years in prison, is granted three days’ temporary release. The first sequence of 3 dni wolnosci, edited as a jump cut, depicts the protagonist as a swimmer suddenly coming up for air. Outside the prison gate, he finds his friend Marek and is completely intoxicated by the atmosphere of freedom, so different from the air he is used to breathing inside. There begins a race against the clock, in which every minute has to be sucked dry, loaded with emotions and indelible impressions. Piotr is like a child, amazed by the world and the changes he observes: you can now enter Slovakia without formality, or even “case” a bank thanks to GPS – an ironic allusion to his barely mentioned crime. A sensitive stylist, Łukasz Borowski manages to grasp the vibrant distress of his character during this bitter tour of the here and now. Piotr is a man without past or future, a lost soul, but he tries to reconnect with normality in order to escape for a few hours from the dizzying sense of time irredeemably lost.

Emmanuel Chicon

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