In Between

In Between is a programme that explores the blooming territory of artists’ moving image with two Artists’ Work Sessions that aim to shed light on the challenges and opportunities to bridge the gap between the art world and the cinema industry.

Moving images are by now the dominant form of cultural narration and communication in our world, both in people’s everyday lives and in the artistic field. Artists’ moving image has become a blooming territory in which new narratives and critical positions towards mainstream audiovisual culture are generated. However, this language uses economies, critical apparatuses, durations, technical equipment, narratives, professionals and methodologies that are different from the ones used in the cinema industry or in the art market.

The artists’ work session offered by VdR–Industry is an event meant for artists, producers and other professionals from both the visual arts and film contexts to meet and work around the development of two artists’ moving image projects. Two artists’ duos will have 1h1/2 to convene with a table of 5-6 industry professionals, which may include producers, curators, film funds or foundations’ representatives and so on.

In Between is accessible by invitation only.

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