Affiche/Poster Visions du Réel 2023

The 2023 posters, New collaboration

Visions du Réel is proud to unveil the series of posters for the 54th edition of the event (21–30 April 2023), which are the result of a collaboration between the graphic designer duo Alice Vodoz and Eilean Friis-Lund and the photographer Jules Moskovtchenko. A triptych made of documentary shots, combined with a flamboyantly colourful typographical design, lies at the heart of this visual identity. 

The edition’s identity consists of perspectives, playing with scales, and mise en abîme. This proposal, designed and executed by the graphic designers Alice Vodoz and Eilean Friis-Lund alongside the photographer Jules Moskovtchenko, stages a multitude of aesthetic points of view and depictions: macro and micro, wide shot and close-up, digital and analogue… It is an artistic stance that pushes the concept so far that it literally turns traditional photography round, while infusing it with the codes of film for a highly playful finish. The bright yellow colour of the typographical work, which is in keeping with the iconic tradition of subtitling, enhances the posters with an equally old-fashioned and explosive finish.

The multiplicity of the points of view is compounded with abundant everyday scenes which are like symbols of our contemporaneity, blending the private and the public, mise en scène and impressions of reality. It is a project that suggests more than it reveals through images that cultivate their ambiguity and reflect the porous boundary that exists between fiction and reality, which is an essential dimension of Visions du Réel’s line of programming.

Alice Vodoz and Eilean Friis-Lund

The graphic designer duo Alice Vodoz and Eilean Friis-Lund is based in Lausanne and works in the cultural sector. They take a collaborative approach to design and are interested in all forms of culture. Fascinated by craftmanship, they love to explore the concept of the tool – be it analogue or digital – in design and production phases, thereby emphasising the particularity of each of their different projects. Alongside their partnership, Alice Vodoz works at La Cinémathèque Suisse and Eilean Friis-Lund is a lecturer at ECAL (Lausanne University of Art and Design). Among others, they have worked with the independent art space Tunnel Tunnel (since 2016), the Festival of Emerging Arts Les Urbaines (for the 2020 and 2021 editions), the Swiss Art Awards (2022-2024), as well as with Visions du Réel (2023), on visual identities, books, publications, websites, signage and artistic direction.

Jules Moskovtchenko

Jules Moskovtchenko comes from Lyon and initially taught himself photography before training as a photographer at ECAL (Lausanne University of Art and Design). He then moved to London where he developed his activity between commissions, particularly in the fashion industry, and personal projects. His work blends documentary and cinematographical references, with humour, and draws inspiration from everyday scenes.