A barca (Switzerland)

A barca

A barca

  • Pablo Briones


The passage of time, of the river, of the clouds. Hundreds of people rush to board a boat that will take them to work. Behind them, the dormitory town: a space beyond time where landscape and identity are ardently shaped by the ambiguities of the world of work. A very personal vision of contemporary Portugal, much closer to poetry than to information.

Section:  Premiers Pas
Length: 21'
Country: Switzerland
Year: 2015
Language(s): Portuguese
Premiere status at VdR: World Premiere
VdR edition : 2015


Lionel Baier  (Master Hes-so ECAL/HEAD)
Jean Perret  (Master Hes-so ECAL/HEAD)

Sales Contact

Jean-Guillaume Sonnier
Master Hes-so ECAL/HEAD
Tel. +41213169233



Language(s):  Portuguese
Subtitles:  English, French
  • Fr 24 April 2015
  • 14:30