Zama [Fiction]

Lucrecia Martel
Argentina, France, Spain, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal | 2017 | 115 min
Languages : Spanish, x-gua, Portuguese
Subtitles : French, English, German

Don Diego de Zama, an apathetic colonist stationed somewhere in the far reaches of Latin America, impatiently awaits his departure. Depicting a dystopian colony sinking into disillusionment, Lucrecia Martel rewrites colonial history in this flamboyant period film. An intense, hallucinatory experience that slowly immerses us in the madness of its protagonist.

Minimum legal age 16 years, recommended 16 years and over

In 2017, Lucrecia Martel returned to the silver screen after a nine-year absence with her film Zama. This phantasmagorical and decadent tale recounts the chaotic trajectory of Don Diego de Zama, a Spanish colonist stationed somewhere on the edge of Latin America. An adaptation of Antonio di Benedetto’s masterpiece of Latin American literature, Zama fascinates and surprises in equal measure, breaking as it does with the aesthetic style of the Salta trilogy (La niña santa, La ciénaga, La mujer sin cabeza). A period film with flamboyant costumes and sets – brought to life by Portuguese cinematographer Rui Poças (Tabu) – Zama nevertheless contains an inspired distillation of its director’s favourite themes. Lucrecia Martel appropriates colonial history, depicting a dystopian colony that sinks into disillusionment, throwing its impassive protagonist into a series of hallucinatory adventures that lead him deep into the jungle. The painterly direction is breath-taking, coupled with a haunting and omnipresent soundtrack and sound mixing. An intense experience that gradually immerses the audience in the madness of its main character.


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