Werner Herzog
Germany, France, United Kingdom | 2005 | 80 min
Language : English
Subtitle : French

A group of astronauts orbits around the Earth without the possibility of getting home because the planet has become inhabitable. What happened while they were away? The causes of this catastrophe have yet to be ascertained. A devastating global war? An unknown virus for which there is no antidote? Deadly radiations that pierced through the ozone layer? The scientific community stands without a viable explanation and struggles to understand the phenomenon while the astronauts need to find a way to survive and complete their mission. When Werner Herzog tackles a genre like science-fiction, everything goes. A deeply disturbing and yet irresistibly fascinating philosophical musing about the future of mankind, The Wild Blue Yonderis one of the director’s most challenging and innovative works. Visually stunning, blurring the boundaries between fiction and documentary, storytelling and scientific essay, the film features also the enigmatic presence of Brad Dourif, one of Herzog’s favorite character impersonators. A film that is a message in a bottle addressed to future generations of humans provided humans will still be around in the future...

Giona A. Nazzaro

Maître du Réel Werner Herzog

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