Un temps pour danser

Alessandra Celesia
France | 2016 | 55 min
World premiere
Language : French
Subtitle : English

“I am a star butterfly and I love baroque dancing”: Aurélia attends a Parisian psychiatric day hospital. With other patients of the same institution, she is taking part in a project of mediation through dance that also involves the pupils of a voca- tional school, which will result in “a time to dance”, a phrase from Ecclesiastes that Alessandra Celesia (The Bookseller of Belfast, VdR 2012) has chosen as the title of her new film. During the preparation of the ball, these adolescents with dissimilar lives are going to tame themselves, learn to recognise themselves, and test their capacities to take on-board the gestures of the gigue or the minuet — a world in which they find themselves on even greater equal footing as it is so radically alien to them. The filmmaker watches connections of friendship or love form, at the end of “the lens”, dare we say, putting herself in a position that is as discreet as the fragility of that which her camera records. A Time to Dance very simply shows how people can come out of their chrysalis and share a little of their inner light.
Emmanuel Chicon


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