Rami Nihawi
Lebanon, United Arab Emirates | 2011 | 68 min
Language : Arabic
Subtitles : English, French

The filmmaker returns to his home in Lebanon after an absence of 10 years.  His father has left, but he finds his brother, sister and mother. Day by day, he films aspects of the daily life going on around him. He especially focuses on Nawal, his mother, a woman who has lived through all the terrible events their country has suffered. Through her recollections, the filmmaker tries to discover his own identity.

“My sieve-like memory can dredge up only a few hazy or imagined images. I grew up far from myself. Where are the first 16 years of my life? I awake with no past. My imagination becomes memory and reality becomes imagination, as in a dream in which I swim anxious and weary. I film my mother Nawal, my sister Rima and my brother Rayan in our “hotel” home. Each person lives within boundaries which they defend. My family is so much like this country of ours, Lebanon. Silences, things left unsaid, explosions, negotiations. Nawal says nothing. Her days are consumed inexorably, from dawn to dusk, in ceaseless work. My memory gets into gear. I recompose ‘postcard’ memories with Nawal, and I write of our relationship in a kind of secret diary. (...)  I dream that at least she speaks to me. Her past, her life, her disappointments, the war. My father, the love lost in the chaos of the days. Then I try to learn to live again in this dialogue with my mother, for you could say that Nawal has gone a long way on her journey and has taken us with her.”

Rami Nihawi

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