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Spuren nach Grafeneck

Nora Mazurek & Yvonne Lachmann
2023, Germany, 90 min

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There is an extraordinary theatre in Reutlingen called "Die Tonne". Artistic director Enrico Urbanek has been working there since 2005 engaging people with disabilities. In its work "Hierbleiben... Spuren nach Grafeneck" (Stay here... Traces to Grafeneck), the inclusive ensemble deals with Germany's National Socialist past. In 1940 – in Grafeneck – just 35 kilometers from Reutlingen, 10.654 people who fell under the National Socialist concept of "unworthy of life" were murdered in a gas chamber within the space of one year. The film "Traces to Grafeneck" accompanies the protagonists during the creation and performance of the street theatre play and takes a look at their different lives and views.Dealing with Grafeneck provokes the actors to ask specific questions about their socialrecognition. This in turn confronts us all as a society with our own values and objectives.
90 min
German, English
Ute DilgerKunsthochschule für Medien Köln
Ute DilgerAcademy of Media Arts
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